Zoltan J. Cendes

Adjunct Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Professor Cendes research is in electronic design automation of electromagnetic devices and systems. His research involves the application of computer methods for the solution of electromagnetic field problems and the development of numerical algorithms that approximate the electromagnetic field equations. Typical applications include the simulation of cross-talk between conductors in high-speed digital interconnect circuits, the evaluation of scattering parameters in microwave circuits, and the simulation of the read/write process in magnetic recording.

A focal point of this work is the application of finite element methods to simulate the behavior of electromagnetic systems. The finite element method solves the electromagnetic field equations directly, and makes it possible to simulate real-life devices in complete detail. In recent years, Professor Cendes has developed methods that make the solution of the electromagnetic field equations transparent to the user. His work on adaptive mesh generation, Delaunay tessellation, and a postori error estimates has resulted in computer programs for electromagnetic analysis in which the user simply enters the problem geometry, specifies the accuracy required, and says, Solve. In this way, reliable and accurate product prototypes are designed in the computer, eliminating the slow and expensive design, fabricate, and test cycle.

In the News

  • Cendes Elected IEEE Fellow
  •      Zoltan J. Cendes


    Computer-aided design of high-speed digital interconnects, microwave and antenna field simulation


    PhD, 1973
    Electrical Engineering
    McGill University

    MS, 1970
    Electrical Engineering
    McGill University

    BS, 1968
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor