18-879L: Special Topics in Systems and Controls: Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems

Units: 12

This course covers mathematical models for complex physical systems, including discrete dynamical systems, continuous dynamical systems, real-time dynamical systems, and hybrid dynamical systems (or hybrid systems for short). Our primary focus will be on the mathematical foundations and analytic techniques for these complex systems. We will study the questions that are important for designing system models and for understanding their behaviour. We will emphasize concise representations of analytic problems in logic and their algorithmic solutions in automated theorem provers and model checkers.

The class will provide you with modern techniques for analyzing the correct functioning of important safety-critical systems ranging from embedded systems in cars and biomedical devices, over chemical/physical process control and chip design, to full car, aircraft, and train control. The opportunity to gain practical experience in analysis of cyber-physical systems will be given as part of the course. The class should be appropriate for graduate students and for advanced undergraduates with an interest in mathematical, logical, or formal analysis methods.

Course website: http://symbolaris.com/course/lahs.html

PREREQUISITES: Basic knowledge in logic, e.g., propositional logic, and continuous mathematics, e.g., differential equations, is of advantage but not strictly required.


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Control

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Past semesters:

S11, S09