18-859H: Special Topics in Communications: Emerging Topics in Wireless Networks

Units: 12

The advent of wireless communications is changing the way we live and do business in our everyday life. Indeed, the recent developments we are witnessing clearly show that the mobility and connectivity are two new paradigms that will shape the society in the next decade and beyond. As such, wireless networking is going far beyond the conventional cellular networks or wireless local area networks (LANs) technology that we are used to. The recent unveiling of the new Google NEXUS ONE technology which uses Android OS is further evidence as to how mobile communications and computing are converging into one.

In this course, we will do a quick review of wireless communications and networking principles which will be the basis for more advanced work and research. Then, we will study the key papers and the underlying technologies related to the following hot areas:

  1. Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
  2. Self-organizing networks and complex networks
  3. Cognitive Networks
  4. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

There will be a set of key papers for each of these four areas and students will be assigned specific papers in each module. Then, each group will make an in-class presentation summarizing the key concepts and ideas in these papers, the open research issues, and their perspectives about how to go about some of these research issues. The presentation will be discussed during the lecture and salient features will be highlighted.

The ultimate grade for the course will depend on:

i) In-class presentations made by each student (25%) ii) Participation in technical discussions (25%) iii) The final paper prepared in one of these 4 areas (50%)

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing


Signal Processing and Communications

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