18-799K: Special Topics in Signal Processing: Cognitive Video

Units: 12

Rapidly growing mobile and online videos have enriched our digital lives. They also create great challenges to our computing and networking technologies, ranging from video indexing, analysis, retrieval, to synthesis. The course covers the state-of-the-art of video processing, video understanding, and video interaction technologies, including video annotation, eye tracking, motion capture, telepresence, event and object detection, augmented reality, video summarization, and video interface design. Students will have hands-on experience with devices such as Kinect 3D sensor, Android smartphone, eye tracker, mocap, and infrared camera. The class assignments include labs and a class project.

Pre-requisites: 18290 or instuctor approval, MATLAB or C, Calculus, and matrix computation. Students with non-ECE majors need permission from the instructor to register for the course.


Signal Processing and Communications

Last modified on 2010-03-25

Past semesters:

S15, S14, S13, S12, F10