18-769: Design for Manufacturability in Nanometer Era

Units: 12

This course will be focused on the Design for Manufacturability (DFM) which has been the hottest buzzword for the last 8 years. The goal is to explain in detail the interactions between the IC design and fabrication process which has become very critical for the overall success of the semiconductor industry. While 18-764 covers the manufacturing process aspects, 18-769 will focus on the IC design optimization techniques for the most recent and upcoming technology generations.

The concepts of IC manufacturability will be developed in class for modern IC technologies with Cu back-end. Then we will explain all major reasons that limit the IC manufacturability. We will present a spectrum of characterization techniques necessary to identify reasons for yield loss and performance variability. Design techniques that are instrumental in achieving desired levels of manufacturability will be reviewed next. We will cover the DFM techniques aimed at optimization of all key yield components to minimize the impact of random defectivity, layout systematics and also parametric variability. The next part of the course will be devoted to the newest DFM technique based on extreme layout regularity. Finally, discussion in the class will be focused on explanation of IC industry evolution trends. These trends will be examined from the DFM perspective to help in forecasting of future of IC design and manufacturing.

Prerequisite(s): 18-764



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