18-764: Technology Foundations and Roadmap for System on Chip and System in Package Products

Units: 12

This course will provide the necessary background for the state-of-the art technologies utilized by the leading edge products covering full spectrum of market drivers from mobile platforms, microprocessors, game chips to the highest performance systems for enterprise solutions computing. We will cover the current planar CMOS technology generations as well as 3-dimensional FinFET device architectures. We will present all key components of such systems, i.e., logic, analog/RF and embedded memories (SRAM, DRAM and Flash). We will also cover the commodity DRAM and Flash memories (NOR and NAND). We will overview the underlying technology solutions, circuit design all the way to high level specifications including performance, power, area/form factors and cost. We will review architecture and technology solutions for all product classes described above. Then we present the technology roadmap for the upcoming generations in terms of device architecture options for logic devices (FinFET, Nanowire and Tunnel FET) and memories (Phase Change Memory , Resistive RAM and Magnetic RAM/Spin-Transfer Torque RAM) from the device level all the way to the system level specifications. The last part of the class will be devoted to the system integration issues, namely 3-dimensional integration approaches. We will cover the current SIP solutions and then focus on the interposer and Through Silicon Via (TSV) techniques covering such aspect as technology integration, power, performance, yield, cost and reliability.

Prerequisites: 18-320


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