18-724: Microelectromechanical System Design

Units: 12

This course covers advanced design of integrated MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) as the basis for futuristic sensor and actuator systems on chip. The course starts with design of low-level device details and builds to design of "VLSI MEMS." Topics include layout vs. process design; analysis and modeling of micromechanics, thermomechanics, capacitive sensing, and coupled electromechanics; noise; test structures and characterization; modulation and switched-capacitor interface circuits; and system design. Homework and projects will make intensive use of MEMS schematic design; behavioral modeling with analog hardware description languages; layout generation and synthesis tools; visualization tools; and MEMS design rules and extraction. Assigned readings of recent advances in MEMS design are actively discussed. A final project centers on a complete microsystem design within a post-CMOS micromachined process. Possible systems include sensor/actuator arrays for inertial, ultrasonic, RF, micropositioning, acoustic, optic or fluidic applications.

Prerequisites: 18-614 or equivalent by petition of instructor and senior or graduate standing.


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