18-638: Mobile Security

Units: 12

Mobile devices continue to evolve and penetrate our everyday lives, leading to increased importance of mobile security - a topic living in the intersection of wireless communication, mobile computing, and computer security. This course focuses on aspects of information and network security that arise in this challenging and ever-evolving space of mobile communication systems, including mobile/cellular telephony, wireless Internet, and mobile ad hoc and sensor networks. Material will cover standards and research challenges in both deployed systems and future systems. Possible topics of study include (but are not limited to) telecom vulnerabilities; smartphone security; mobile Internet security; mobile location privacy; and ad hoc, mesh, and sensor network security. The course will involve an intensive group research project focusing on protocols/algorithms, vulnerabilities, and attacks as well as several individual homework and programming tasks. Groups will perform a sequence of cumulative tasks (literature review, analysis, simulation, design, implementation) to address aspects of their chosen topic, occasionally reporting their results to the class through brief presentations, leading to a final report.


Software Systems and Computer Networking

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F14, F13, F12, F11