18-629A: Special Topics in Circuits: Integrated Microsystems

Units: 12

This course is intended to provide ECE graduate students with IC design experience. It builds on material from the undergraduate and graduate analog, RF and MEMS curriculum (specifically 18-513, 18-614, 18-623). Unlike the graduate depth classes of 18-721, 18-723 and 18-724, this is a breadth oriented class that stresses on the common integrated microsystem design skills for analog, MEMS and RF applications.

The course is intended primarily for MS students enrolled in the ECE IMB and Professional MS programs. PhD students must have their advisor's permission as well as an idea for a design project to be allowed to take this class. The focus of this class will be on the overall integrated microsystem design process. Project teams will identify a project, define its specifications, a design schedule as well as a design framework and abstractions in which the individual designers can contribute to topology choices and sizing optimizations to meet the overall performance goal.

Students ideally should have taken two of the pre-requisite courses, and are also planning on taking 18-723 as a co-requisite.

Prerequisite(s): 18-513 or 18-614 or 18-623



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