18-605: Innovation in Science and Engineering - Theory and Fundamentals

Units: 12

Innovation in Science and Engineering explores factors and conditions contributing to innovation in science and engineering; how important problems are found, defined, and solved; roles of teamwork and creativity; and applications of these methods to other endeavors. The course focuses on the individual scientist's or engineer's role in innovation and how transformative ideas are shaped from their technical knowledge and expertise. In this course students will learn how to harness their technical backgrounds to produce products, ideas, inventions, and new scientific understanding that have a transformative impact on society. Students should have graduate standing and an undergraduate degree in engineering or science. Undergraduates may take the course with instructor approval. Course will be taught through a combination of lectures, discussions, case studies and group projects.

Each week students will attend either a single lecture during the theory portion of the course or a recitation during project portion. of the course Students will not be required to attend lecture and recitation in the same week.

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing

This project/seminar course is not an approved ECE graduate course for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. (Please see http://www.ece.cmu.edu/graduate/approved.html.)

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