18-551: Digital Communication and Signal Processing Systems Design

Units: 12

This course provides the student with a rich, in-depth design and application hardware project experience in the areas of digital communications and/or signal processing systems using DSP hardware. Teams of students work on a semester-long project of their choice. Topics include: speech and music processing, digital communications, multimedia processing, data compression, data storage, wireless communications, CD, image and/or signal processing, etc. One month of introductory laboratories familiarize the students with DSP hardware and support software. Lectures address z-transforms, IIR and FIR filter design using MATLAB and DSP hardware, LPC and adaptive filters, channel coding, time and frequency multiplexing, short time Fourier and wavelet transforms, and spread spectrum techniques.

4 hrs. lec., 3 hrs. lab

Prerequisites: (18491) and (18370 or 18349 or 18496 or 18348)


Signals and Systems


Coverage, Capstone Design
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