Over the past century, nearly 10,000 students have graduated from Carnegie Mellon University – or Carnegie Tech – with a degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering and, for recent decades, electrical and computer engineering. ECE alumni with bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees are located all over the United State and around the world and are pursuing a variety of technology-oriented careers. Bringing those alumni closer together and encouraging closer ties with our current students and the department became a goal of the College of Engineering and ECE over the last decade. Together we are establishing a community of students, alumni, faculty and staff – a continuum of education and service to provide long term benefits for everyone. We hope to enhance relationships among our graduates through this alumni section of ECE's website.

There are many ways to connect:

  • Attend an ECE alumni event in your geographic area; ECE students living or interning in the area are also invited. ECE faculty leadership often attend.
  • Volunteer to be a career contact for your company or a mentor for your ECE-related profession.
  • Travel to campus to provide a tech/career talk, especially if your company is hiring ECE students.
  • Indicate your willingness to be a keynote speaker at an ECE student organization event or a department graduation banquet.
  • Learn about new ECE student activities like Build18 and ECE Day; feel free to attend these events and/or sponsor.
  • Let us know when you have a professional milestone that you would like to share. We’ll soon be adding alumni profiles and news to the website as well as Currents.
  • Tell us what additional types of activities, events and interactions you would like to seeand what professional or technical content most interests you.
An ECE student from the past works on a project.