ECE Vision, Mission, Goals, Values & Philosophy


We envision a department (faculty, staff, and students) that:

  • Is helping to define, make an impact on, and lead in the field of electrical and computer engineering through its education and research agendas.
  • Is committed to education that will influence the direction of the field and society.
  • Will make a contribution to society through its research agenda.
  • Is a diverse and stimulating intellectual environment wherein faculty, students, and staff can thrive and grow.


The mission of the ECE department is to:

  • Create and disseminate knowledge of electrical and computer systems and technologies in a manner that impacts the direction of the field, industrial practice, and society.
  • Educate and train students so that they have the knowledge to enter the marketplace and the skills to continually enhance this knowledge, and provide leadership in industry, academia, and government.


The common goals of the ECE department are the advancement and development of methodologies and technologies to:

  • Build devices for sensing, computing, communication, and storage of information.
  • Build systems of computers and systems with computers for computing, sensing, communication, control, storage, and intelligent processing of information:
    • Of computers (distributed computing, security, networking, etc.).
    • For computers (VLSI chips, data storage, sensors, MEMS, electronic devices, etc.).
    • By/with computers (design, simulation, signal processing and sensor exploitation, embedded systems, etc.).

Values & Philosophy

We believe in:

  • Training our students to be leaders, technically and ethically.
  • Emphasizing multidisciplinary activity in both education and research.
  • Quality in teaching, research, and daily operations.
  • Exposing our students to timely, practical problems, while inculcating fundamental problem-solving skills and experimental skills that will last their whole career.
  • Maintaining a friendly, supportive, and diverse environment that encourages our faculty, students, and staff to achieve their best.
Janet Peters with an ECE graduate